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Nanosatellite Platforms

Product Portfolio

2NDSpace 12U cubesat structure

Cubesat Structures

Performant and modular CubeSat structures

Flexible, fast, and safe platform integration

User-definable aperture layout

Compatible with CDS & commercial components

Maximized ease of integration and access

Enhanced structural performances

Customization as standard

Solar Panels

UTJ 30% Efficiency space-grade solar cells

Body mounted and deployable configuration

Custom interface and umbilical connections

ZERO-residual dipole design

Stabilized thermal dissipation architecture

RBF and embedded magnetorquer

2NDSpace 3U Cubesat Deployable Solar panel

solar panels

3U, 6U, and 16U deployable configurations

UTJ 30% Efficiency space-grade solar cells

Single or double deployable wing

Minimal profile in the stored configuration

Redundant HDRM 

Configurable wing electrical connection

Power system

Modular configuration

Flexible power conditioning unit

Custom payload power supply module

Flexible and redundant BUS voltage supply

Modular battery packs

2NDSpace Cubesat deployable antenna


Deployable low-profile UHF/VHF Antennas

Patch antennas

Selectable frequency range

Customizable interfaces

Integrated deployment control system

Test Equipment

3U/6U/12U/16U Testpod size

Real-load environment simulation TestPod

Domensional & Inertial cubesats replica masses

On-spec simulation and testing jigs

2NDSpace 3U Cubesat testpod
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