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Nanosatellite Platforms

Product Portfolio

2NDSpace 12U cubesat structure

Cubesat Structures

  • Performant and modular CubeSat structures

  • Flexible, fast, and safe platform integration

  • User-definable aperture layout

  • Compatible with CDS & commercial components

  • Maximized ease of integration and access

  • Enhanced structural performances

  • Customization as standard

Solar Panels

  • UTJ 30% Efficiency space-grade solar cells

  • Body mounted and deployable configuration

  • Custom interface and umbilical connections

  • ZERO-residual dipole design

  • Stabilized thermal dissipation architecture

  • RBF and embedded magnetorquer

2NDSpace 12U Cubesat Solar panel
2NDSpace 3U Cubesat Deployable Solar panel

solar panels

  • 3U, 6U, and 16U deployable configurations

  • UTJ 30% Efficiency space-grade solar cells

  • Single or double deployable wing

  • Minimal profile in the stored configuration

  • Redundant HDRM 

  • Configurable wing electrical connection

Power system

  • Modular configuration

  • Flexible power conditioning unit

  • Custom payload power supply module

  • Flexible and redundant BUS voltage supply

  • Modular battery packs 

2NDSpace Cubesat deployable antenna


  • Deployable low-profile UHF/VHF Antennas

  • Patch antennas

  • Selectable frequency range

  • Customizable interfaces

  • Integrated deployment control system

Test Equipment

  • 3U/6U/12U/16U Testpod size

  • Real-load environment simulation TestPod

  • Inertial and dimensional cubesats replica dummy masses

  • On-spec simulation and testing jigs

2NDSpace 3U Cubesat testpod
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