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SOLO Power Module

Product Portfolio

SOLO-EPS   Power Management Unit
  • Power Distribution & Conditioning unit

  • 12 configurable power outputs (3.3/5.0/12V/15V standard)

  • RS422, CAN, I2C Communication protocols

  • Configurable 6x solar panel inputs

  • Low profile and PC104 interface 

  • Latch-up protection and fault tolerant power-continuity architecture

  • >10 years durability in LEO 

SOLO-BM4  Battery Module 4x
  • Direct integration with SOLO-EPS

  • Full battery protection (OV/UV/OC)

  • Configurable charge /discharge mode

  • Redundant Inhibit interfaces RBF, Kill Switch

  • High energy capacity >50 WHr

  • More than 100W power output

  • Flexible integration and PC104 interface

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